What I Do


I can edit anything that crosses my cursor but my specialty is making articles written by issue-area experts sing. In addition to polishing opinionated prose, I sharpen storytelling, focus narratives and tighten text. I’ve done this for established columnists like rabble-raiser extraordinaire Jim Hightower and Donald Kaul, a two-time finalist for a Pulitzer Prize in commentary. And for first-time op-ed writers who hadn’t yet graduated from college. And members of Congress. And a Muslim-American cartoonist. And…


I enjoy writing about energy, ethical investment, climate change, politics, food, Latin America, and foreign policy. I also like writing about writing. Whatever the medium, I follow the same principles: Spell things out clearly, weave engaging examples into the narrative and speak to your audience.

Op-Ed Coaching

I teach and coach conversational writing at workshops and on a one-on-one basis. My approach is grounded in what I learned while helping hundreds of advocates and other experts get their op-eds published in print everywhere from the Los Angeles Times to the Fairborn, Ohio Daily Herald — as well as on websites like BillMoyers.com, AlterNet, Truthout, and Truthdig.

Quality Assurance and Proofreading

The best way to ensure that your writing meets professional standards is to let an accomplished editor like me review it prior to publication. Everyone needs at least one extra set of eyes. My decades of experience have equipped me to catch typos, root out factual errors, curb repetition, and verify that your text adheres to a consistent and appropriate style.

Availability and Rates

Please fill out my contact form or email me to inquire about my availability. If it’s a good fit, I’ll provide hourly or flat-fee rates for freelance and consulting work based on your project’s scope.