Tiffany Williams
Institute for Policy Studies Associate Director

Emily was my first editor as a professional advocate. I have learned how to turn my passionate 'activist voice' into one that is more approachable and relatable to hometown newspaper readers. I think this kind of skill is really valuable, since preaching to the choir will only get you so far! She taught me how to simplify my jargon, use my own stories and experiences, and ensure that each article had a clear logic. She also took the time to learn about my areas of interest and expertise, so she was able to come to me with ideas of things to write about and knew enough about my issues to edit my work wisely. My relationship with her as an editor will be one that I cherish throughout the rest of my career.”

Khalil Bendib
Artist, Cartoonist, and Radio journalist

When I had the privilege of working with Emily Schwartz Greco for more than six years as an editorial cartoonist, I learned a lot from her. Emily is a perfectionist who brings out the best in the writers and cartoonists collaborating with her. She's also a talented columnist in her own right. I look forward to following her work wherever it leads her.”

John Feffer
Writer, editor, and playwright

I worked with Emily for more than a decade at the Institute for Policy Studies. She is a superlative editor, an excellent writer, and an extraordinarily competent manager. She's a whiz at writing op-eds as well as the even more challenging task of placing op-eds. She placed my opinion pieces in top locations around the country including the Boston Globe. We also worked together on writing workshops, and she gives a splendid tutorial on how to craft effective op-eds. Emily also has great command of a number of different issue areas, from Brazil and Latin America more generally to food politics and economic inequality. She works hard, works efficiently, and works to deadline. If she's available, hire her before someone else gets her!”

Marjorie E. “Betsy” Wood
Senior Program and Communications Advisor at Rutgers Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO)

I worked with Emily from 2014-2016 at the Institute for Policy Studies as a regular columnist for OtherWords. Emily has very high, consistent editorial standards and is a consummate professional who keeps at it until she gets it right. She has a unique ability to take complex policy debates and issues and make them understandable — and enjoyable — for a lay readership. She's a strategic thinker who's also funny, well-informed, and a pleasure to work with.”