I’m a journalist who loves helping people express their own opinions. With their own voices.


As my career began, I often reported in Spanish or Portuguese and wrote in English. Later, I mastered another kind of translation: editing that helps writers make sense to everyone.

The Conversation US

I recently began to work as the philanthropy + nonprofits editor at The Conversation US, a nonprofit news site bringing the expertise of academics on a wide range of topics to the general public. Professors who would like to pitch me with their ideas for scholarship-based articles on charitable giving, volunteering or anything else on my beat should reach out using my work email address: emily.schwartz.greco@theconversation.com


Previously, I led OtherWords, a non-profit editorial service. In addition to rebranding and managing that national syndicate while getting thousands of opinion pieces newsroom-ready and published by newspapers and digital media outlets, I wrote my own column.

Other Experience

Between OtherWords and The Conversation, I wrote freelance articles for Arlington Magazine and BillMoyers.com and did editorial consulting for nonprofits, including People's Action and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies. Prior to my OtherWords stint, I did assorted communications work for the Institute for Policy Studies — the progressive think tank that houses OtherWords. Even earlier, I reported on international finance and trade for Bloomberg News and covered Brazil, Cuba, and emerging markets for Dow Jones. I also earned a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and traveled extensively in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific.


I enjoy writing about energy, ethical investment, climate policy, politics, food, and foreign policy. I also like writing about writing. The topics I’ve tackled as an opinion editor and as a reporter encompass everything from tourism to racism, Social Security to social media, and steelmaking to CEO pay.


My initials also stand for Environmental, Social, and Governance — shorthand for ethical investment principles. Since I believe in putting your money where your mouth is, I built them into my personal branding.


I grew up in Chicago and Brooklyn and went to college in Ithaca and Austin. I spent long stretches in Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Canada before settling in the D.C. area.

Some Passions

Seeing my kids learn new things, swing dancing, reading, baking, making vegetables irresistible, midcentury modern design, bilingual education, watching Olympic gymnasts perform, taking long bike rides, beaches, mountains, and the color orange.